What is the FFAP?

The Firefighter Financial Assistance Program, or FFAP, is a Program implemented by Code 3 for a Cure ® which gives critical support to firefighters battling cancer. The specific purpose of the Program is to provide financial assistance to firefighters (whether active or retired and whether salaried, paid call, or volunteer) throughout the United States who are battling cancer and who are in need.

How the FFAP Works

A firefighter in need who is battling cancer requests a financial assistance application packet, then submits the application along with accompanying documentation. (Applications from third parties are not accepted.) The application and accompanying documentation are then carefully reviewed, measured against the criteria, and verified. Submissions that are incomplete, or are not signed/dated, are returned to the applicant for re-submittal. Following initial review of submitted materials, we may request additional information or documentation from the applicant in order to complete our review. Once the review is completed and a determination is made, the applicant is notified via postal mail as to whether or not the application was approved and, if approved, the notification is accompanied by a check made out to the firefighter.

Distribution of funds, and timeliness thereof, is dependent upon level of funding and length of review. Currently, the maximum amount being issued in each case is $750, and time to process ranges from two to eight weeks on average. Applications are prioritized based on date received, except in rare cases in which severity of the circumstances may dictate otherwise.

Any check received by the applicant from C3FAC is a gift, not a loan, and there is no requirement to repay the funds issued. Recipients can reapply for additional assistance six months or later following receipt of funds. As our funding levels grow, we look forward to helping in greater ways and consistently issuing checks within one to two weeks of application receipt (dependent upon the length of the review process), assuming the application is approved.

Help for Widows and Widowers

Financial assistance is also available to the widows or widowers of firefighters, in the form of a one-time distribution. The same criteria as listed below applies, with the added criteria that the firefighter must have been battling cancer at the time of passing, and the spouse must apply within six months of date of passing. When requesting an application packet, please specify that it is for a widow/widower.


We value the privacy of every applicant, and all information provided is kept strictly confidential to the extent possible. However, C3FAC reserves the right to verify the information contained in the applicant's completed application by contacting various sources, including, but not limited to, the applicant's medical providers, friends, family members, colleagues, current or former employers, and other representatives from the jurisdiction(s) in which he or she serve(d).

Please be aware that submission of a completed application is not a guarantee that the application will be approved. Distribution of funds, amounts distributed, and timeliness of distributions are all based on level of funding at the time an application is received and are contingent upon review and approval of the completed application and accompanying documentation.

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  1. Must have been a salaried, paid call, or volunteer firefighter in the United States for a minimum of two years (current status as an active employee or volunteer in the fire service at the time of application is not required);
  2. Must be currently battling cancer;
  3. Must currently reside in the United States; AND
  4. Must be facing a financial hardship. For purposes of this application process, "financial hardship" is defined as: (1) the inability to pay medical, rent, mortgage or utility bills; and/or (2) the inability to afford transportation costs to get to and from medical appointments, including cancer treatments.

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How to Apply

Firefighters who meet the criteria can obtain an application packet by writing to or Code 3 for a Cure, P.O. Box 9087, Alta Loma, CA 91701, Attn: FFAP Program.

In order for the financial assistance application to be considered, the applicant must submit the following five documents:

  1. Completed, signed and dated "Application for Financial Assistance"(included in the application packet);
  2. Signed and dated "Firefighter Financial Assistance Program General Terms and Conditions" (included in the application packet);
  3. Completed, signed and dated "Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information" (included in the application packet);
  4. Letter signed and dated by an authorized representative of a fire department/ jurisdiction in which the applicant has served a minimum of two years verifying position title(s) and tenure in each position, including legibly printed version of the representative’s name, title, and name of the jurisdiction; AND
  5. Letter or other form of sufficient documentation signed and dated by a medical doctor which verifies applicant’s current cancer status, including legibly printed version of the doctor’s name, title, and the name of the hospital/office/clinic.

NOTE: Applications from third parties are not accepted.

Once completed and signed, applications and accompanying documentation can be submitted in either of the following ways:

  1. Via email to; or
  2. Via postal mail to:

    Code 3 for a Cure
    P.O. Box 9087
    Alta Loma, CA 91701
    Attn: FFAP Program

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Please feel free to contact us at (909) 732-8102, or, with any questions you may have about the Firefighter Financial Assistance Program.

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