The purpose of Code 3 for a Cure ® is to address cancer in the fire service by:

  • promoting awareness of cancer as an occupational hazard of firefighting;
  • providing information relative to the toxic exposures firefighters face and how their cancer risks can be minimized; and
  • offering financial assistance to firefighters in need throughout the United States who are battling cancer.


Photo of Visit with Olympia Fire Department

  • Heighten awareness among firefighters regarding their risks of toxic exposures;
  • Provide information to firefighters relative to how they can minimize their risks of contracting cancer;
  • Garner support for firefighters stricken with cancer by educating the general public through social media and news media campaigns;
  • Issue checks to firefighters in need throughout the United States who are battling cancer (Read some of their stories);
  • Offer ongoing support and encouragement to firefighters who are either battling cancer themselves, or dealing with it on some level within their department;
  • Lend a helping hand to firefighter groups or departments that hold fundraisers for their personnel who are battling cancer by providing C3FAC auction or raffle items for their events;
  • Give an honor ride on a fire engine to firefighters who are terminal with cancer;
  • Conduct a Mission of Honor and Hope (dependent on sponsorship) in which a team of firefighter cancer survivors takes a journey on a fire engine to visit various fire stations with the purpose of heightening awareness and providing support/encouragement to firefighters and fire departments dealing with cancer; and
  • Conduct memorial ceremonies to honor and remember firefighters who have made the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives to cancer.


  • Heightened awareness among all firefighters regarding their exposure risks;
  • Ever increasing knowledge and implementation of the most up-to-date cancer prevention methods throughout the fire service, such that the risks for firefighters are minimized to the greatest extent possible; and
  • That firefighters have all the help and support they need in the event of a cancer diagnosis.